Everyone wants to know the answer to the big question: How much does it cost to build a home?

In short, that’s a loaded question. Why? Because of the many, vast variables involved in building. Essentially, it would be easier to ask, “How long is a string?”

So what are the variables?

When deciding whether to build or buy, people often have a lot of questions. Think about your average home. When you’re living in it day in and day out, you’re probably not thinking about the light fixtures. Or the A/C. Or the flooring and tile and backsplashes and cabinets, and cabinet pulls, and electrical wiring, and sewer or septic, and how you get your water, and whether you have a sprinkler system, and, and, and… you get the point. There are MANY elements that make a house a livable home. And ALL of those elements have to be considered, purchased, and installed when you’re building.

This is not to scare you away, by any means. But it’s to help you understand that not only are there a lot of variables to consider, but each and every one of those variables has a cost associated with it. Depending on your taste, needs, and wishes, that cost can vary widely too. If you’re hoping for all solid gold plumbing for example, that’s going to make your house a lot more expensive than going with run of the mill brushed nickel from a home improvement store. (Yes, that’s an absurd example, but you get the point. Every decision you make affects that overall cost.)

On Average

The truth is, even general square foot pricing is difficult, because of all the unknowns and variables we mentioned before. Do you want a garage or a covered patio? Do you want pre-fab cabinets or custom built? Do you want carpet or hardwood? Hopefully by now you understand that there is no hard-and-fast rule on cost, and any builder who tells you otherwise is probably basing it off of averages and not real numbers. So on that note, you could probably assume the house alone will start at around $200 per square foot.

Again, that’s just a basic, rounded out estimation. Keep in mind, it doesn’t take much to get that much higher.

The Bottom Line

Building a home gives you the luxury of choosing every single detail and getting exactly what you want. It’s a great option if you’re building your forever home, or you’re looking to create something specific to your family’s needs.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or adding on to your existing home, Kingdom Builders is ready to help you get what you want. Call us!